Лаборатория ядерной физики и радиационной экологии Физико-технического института

Birth and fusionin a sol-gel process with low diffusion 


Based on the developed methods of nonlinear dynamics of the mapping of Poincare sections, a numerical simulation of the formation of thin SnO2 films in sol-gel chemical reactions against the background of weak diffusion where carried out. Numerical calculations were carried out in the framework of dynamically determined chaos in intense opposing processes of merging and decay. For a chemically active medium in the sol-gel process, the differential diffusion equation with an internal source of nonlinearity is used. The simulation results qualitatively confirm the experimental fact of the emergence of Poisson-stable fractal cluster structures. The presence of fractal structures in the experimental results on thin films means the presence of nonlinear collective phenomena. The method of nonlinear self-organization of stable structures in a multi-particle system with competing internal processes is thought to be interesting for new technologies.



TemiralievA., TompakovaN., FedosimovaA., DmitriyevaE., LebedevI., GrushevskayaE., MukashevB., SerikkanovA. Birth and fusionin a sol-gel process with low diffusion // EurasianPhysicalTechnicalJournal. - 2020. - Vol.17, No.1.(33). P.132-137. – doi: 10.31489/2020No1/132-137. (IF=0.2,процентиль16%)





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